Talking To Other Parents About Head Lice

Head lice is always an uncomfortable topic to discuss, especially amongst adults. When it comes to neighborhood gatherings, PTA meetings, or lunch with the girls, the last thing anyone wants is to bring up uncomfortable topics. Head lice is one of those topics though that seems to wedge its way into conversation at the most inconvenient times, when it’s too late and an infestation has occurred. As parents, it’s our job to have the tough discussions ahead of time though to prevent this, so how can we talk to our peers to help avoid the head lice situation?

Be Open

Honesty is always the best policy. Be open about your head lice concerns and that you would like to discuss a plan incase of head lice infestation in your neighborhood, friend group, or school system. Explain the need for open communication, if lice appear in someone’s household it’s best to alert others who may have been exposed rather than be ashamed. Head lice is nothing to be ashamed of, as it can happen to anyone and opening these lines of communication can help set the tone for infestations to come. Help others to know they are not alone in this, and it’s something you as parents will get through together.

Be Knowledgeable


Learn your head lice facts. Having some information to bring to the table can help to ease other parents’ minds and prepare their families. Often people are afraid of head lice but knowing how they behave and how to eliminate them effectively will put their mind at ease. Discuss the difference between common myths they’ve heard and the reality of head lice. Dive deeper together by reading some expert blogs or information to prepare yourselves in case the need arises to use the information.

Be Prepared


Come up with a game plan in case of an infestation. Discuss common and effective treatment strategies like those that Lice Clinics Quad Cities offer. Set up a system for informing each other or those your family had recent contact with of the situation. When a plan has already been set in place, no one will be caught off guard if the need to enact it arises. Find out your school’s head lice policy and incorporate that into your action plan. The more prepared you are the less stressful you’ll be in the case of an infestation.

Be Cordial 

Sometimes talking about head lice is still hard and sometimes there are still individuals that just don’t want to talk. We encourage you to still include them in your planning but in a kind and friendly manner. Write a letter or send an email including the information discussed above. Explain your concerns about lice and state facts. Give them all the information they need to be just as prepared as those who took place in the discussion. Send them a step by step of the action plan, as well as, a list of treatment options and a copy of the school lice policy.

Be sure to keep the lines of communication with other parents in your area open. Talking about head lice and having a plan in mind can be one of the best preventatives. Keep yourself informed and prepared for head lice, but remember head lice is never your family’s fault. If parents work together, then you are never in it alone! 

Flat Ironing Hair

Do Hair Straighteners Kill Lice?

Do Hair Straighteners Kill Lice?


Flat Ironing Hair

There are lots of ideas on the internet on how to get rid of head lice at home. From mayonnaise hair masks to kerosene shampoo most of them don’t live up to the hype. We know that heat can be used to treat head lice but can you use a hair straightener to kill lice?


How Does Heat Kill Lice?


Heat can be effective at dehydrating and killing head lice and nits. Our premium device uses a safe temperature to dehydrate and kill lice without damaging your scalp or hair. The cool air creates a dry environment that lice can not survive in. Devices like hair dryers may seem like a good at home alternative to this, but they can be dangerous. Blow dryers operate at a much higher heat and air flow. This can cause damage to your scalp and hair, potentially burning you. We designed our device with safety in mind and a special shape to reach all lice.


Does a Hair Straightener Kill Lice?


Hair straighteners are another at home heated device that many turn to for head lice removal. Unfortunately, the heat from straighteners is limited to the device’s area. Like blow dryers the heat is too high to safely use without damaging your hair. Since straighteners can only heat a small portion of your hair at a time, they often miss a lot of lice. Lice can crawl away from the heat as the straightener moves. Nits that are close to the scalp may not be able to be reached with a straightener. This means they will soon hatch and cause another infestation. They are not worth the risk  or damage caused to hair. 


Be safe when removing head lice and visit the professionals at Lice Clinics Quad Cities. Our cool air device is designed for head lice and can safely remove your entire infestation.


pot of gold coins spilt on top of green packaging

Don’t Waste Your Pot of Gold on DIY Lice Treatments

pot of gold coins spilt on top of green packaging

It’s the time of year for leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold! We’re all excited to hunt for our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but make sure you spend it wisely. Don’t waste your pot of gold on head lice treatments that don’t work like over the counter and DIY lice treatments.


The Cost of DIY Lice Treatments


DIY treatments may seem like the easy and cost-effective route, but they can add up quickly. These treatments require a variety of products and multiple treatments.


 – DIY Treatment Products and Shampoos: Average cost $45

 – Head Lice Combs: range from $7 to $45

 – Re-treatment: Average cost $45


Depending on the treatment you choose your cost may be even higher. The real cost comes when DIY options don’t work, and you end up at the professionals anyways, doubling your expenses.


Why to Avoid DIY Options


From head lice shampoos to age-old home tricks there are a lot of DIY lice treatment options. Some contain lice killing chemicals and others are simple household goods. The problem is the majority treat adult lice and do not rid you off nits. Nits, lice eggs, stick to the base of your hair and are difficult to remove. Unfortunately, if not removed they will hatch and cause a new infestation. This means needing to continue to retreat until you are lucky enough to catch lice at the right stage in their life cycle. This can raise your lice removal cost drastically.


Why Get a Professional Treatment


Our head lice technicians are trained professionals and have a lot of experience removing both head lice and nits. They use our signature lice treatment to kill lice fast and effectively. There are no harsh chemicals and our treatment is guaranteed! Get rid of lice and nits on the first try with our head lice experts!

woman intensely itching scalp with hand in hair

What Happens When You Leave Lice Untreated?

Most of us can’t imagine having lice any longer than it takes to treat, but we’ve all heard horror stories about untreated head lice. Leaving head lice untreated can have some serious consequences. 


Untreated Head Lice

Health Implications

Not treating head lice promptly can have many side effects beyond the itching. Lice survive by feeding off blood through their hosts’ scalps. This is what causes the itching but can also cause many other issues. Open bites from lice and marks from scratching can become infected and cause all kinds of health problems. If it goes on long enough the feeding lice can deplete the blood’s hemoglobin and cause serious implications.


Hair Loss

Extended head lice infestations can affect your hair. Not only can the buildup of nits, lice, and debris cause bacteria, but they can also damage hair. Lice eggs, nits, feed on keratin. This draws nourishment from your hair and can eventually cause severe damage. This and continued scratching can make hair brittle and prone to falling out. The consistent use of most over the counter head lice products can also cause hair damage and block hair follicles. 


Social Implications

Head lice have long been associated with a feeling of embarrassment. In reality head lice can affect anyone from any race, economic background, or age. While we know this, it doesn’t always keep those affected from feeling bad about their infestation. Depending on work and school policies it can also mean needing to take time off. Missing work or school for a short time can be frustrating but continued absence can jeopardize your job and education. That’s why we offer our exclusive one and done treatment to get you lice free on the first try.


Our friendly local clinic is here to help you get rid of your lice infestation on the first try. So, you can beat head lice right away and not have to worry about the implications of an extended infestation.

Holiday Lights in Quad Cities

Post Holiday Head Lice Increase

Post Holiday Head Lice Increase

Holiday Lights in Quad Cities







The time from Thanksgiving to New Years is a busy time filled with shopping, gatherings, and more. After the holidays, everything else seems to begin catching up to us. This included illness and of course head lice. All of the holiday gatherings can be the perfect place for colds and head lice to spread. Why exactly does the post holiday season bring on an increase in head lice though?


Post Holiday Head Lice Infestations


During the holiday season we gather with friends and family. While this can be a fun and joyous time it can also be a breading ground for illness and head lice. The close contact and nonstop running can put a strain on your body and make you more susceptible. Head lice can easily crawl from host to host during packed gatherings and cause head lice infestations to spread. It can often be a few weeks before you begin to notice your head lice infestation. By this time the holiday season is over and the lice have been spread around. 


How to Treat Post Holiday Head Lice


If you find yourself or a loved one battling head lice after the holiday season our clinic can help. Our staff is made up of trained head lice professionals that can help you get lice free fast. From head lice checks to our premium head lice treatment we’ll have you back to normal in no time. Our treatments are fast, non-toxic and backed by our lice free guarantee. 


Stay lice free after the holiday rush with the lice experts at Lice Clinics Quad Cities