Bettendorf Lice Removal

Served at Our Quad Cities Clinic

Parents in search of non-chemical head lice removal will be happy to know that help is available in the Quad Cities. If you live in Bettendorf or surrounding areas, our clinic provides treatment that is quick, efficient, and easy thanks to the Zyma Air Therapy system, a process that eliminates those pesky, itching “bugs” using a special device that kills nits using directionally-controlled and cooled air.

In recent years, the problem has only become worse as more and more children and teens have cell phones, and use those phones to take “selfies” to post on social media. Why is this a problem? In most photos, heads are touching, which means lice are easily spread. An infestation can be embarrassing, even humiliating for some. Our one-and-done removal process eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals or shampoos that often are not effective. Using head lice shampoo is a messy process, and it often has to be repeated several times. Even then, it may not completely resolve the problem.

An infestation can cause you to change up your family’s schedule, and you worry your other children may be affected. We provide various lice solutions depending on your needs and understand the frustration you feel. When your goal is to completely remove lice, the options can be confusing. You don’t know what works, what doesn’t, and which products may potentially be dangerous. Most people today prefer a non-chemical solution, which is one reason we highly recommend our simple process.

If you really want to know how to get rid of lice and prefer a one-treatment solution, give Lice Clinics Quad Cities a call today. Our results are guaranteed!