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Are you a parent in Cedar Rapids looking for a non-chemical head lice treatment for your child or even yourself? Our clinic serves the Quad Cities area, providing exceptional solutions for children, teens, and adults who desire treatment that does not involve the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. While we offer several quality solutions, our Zyma Air Therapy system is a simple solution, a one-and-done head lice treatment that eliminates eggs with just one visit. This system does not involve the use of chemicals or shampoos that often are not effective, or require repeated treatments for results.

While it may seem that over the past few decades the problem of lice would have lessened, it has actually grown due to the popularity of “selfies,” photos children and teens often take of themselves to use on social media sites. You may wonder how taking a photo could result in an infestation of nits, but the reason is simple, really. Many kids put their heads together in these photos, thus spreading eggs from one to the other. We know that years ago, shampoos and other chemicals were popular for use in resolving this problem, however, their effectiveness is questionable at best! Not only is the use of these products messy, but it is also hard to determine whether they truly work – even after repeated uses.

Our one-treatment solution involves the application of cooled air to all areas of the scalp, essentially killing lice and their nits. No water necessary, no shampoo, no chemicals. The entire process happens in one sitting, so your schedule isn’t disrupted as it maybe if you were to use chemicals and shampoos that require several applications. We know that for anyone, this can be a frustrating (not to mention embarrassing) problem. When you want to remove head lice without the hassle of having to turn your daily life and schedule upside down, we provide non-chemical head lice removal that is easy, effective, quick, and most important, guaranteed! Contact us today, and put the itch and humiliation of lice behind you.