bottles of peppermint oil with other care items on white background for preventing head lice

Does Peppermint Oil Kill or Prevent Lice?

bottles of peppermint oil with other care items on white background for preventing head lice

In most homes where lice have dominated, people want to know what can kill or prevent the lice from infesting their area. Unfortunately, killing lice can be challenging despite employing chemical and mechanical technologies. However, Peppermint oil can be a great deal in preventing a lice infestation.

Can Peppermint Oil Prevent Lice?

Peppermint oil is one of the substances utilized in lice prevention in homes. According to research, tea tree oil and peppermint oil act as effective repellents against head lice. However, it is good to keep it simple by using repellents made up of peppermint oil.

Regular application of peppermint extracts repels lice, minimizing the likelihood of contracting lice whenever interacting with an individual with an existing infestation. So grab your Peppermint repellent spray and ward off all lice in your surroundings.

Does Peppermint Oil Kill Lice?

If peppermint oil reduces the likelihood of contracting lice, can it kill lice? Sadly, the outcome is no. Although peppermint extract for lice is a useful strategy against lice infestation, it has not been proven to kill or eliminate lice in an area. This is a widespread myth, as many natural lice treatments use peppermint oil. However, peppermint oil is ineffective at killing living lice on the head.

Lice dislike the aroma of peppermint, hence its function as a repellent; however, peppermint is not harmful to lice. To kill lice, a substance must enter the breathing mechanism and remain there for long to strangle them. There are more effective alternatives to peppermint oil that can be used in killing lice.

Can You Use Peppermint Oil in Eradicating Lice eggs?

Peppermint oil for lice prevention cannot be effective in killing lice eggs. It is important to understand that peppermint oil for head lice does not deal with any active infestation of lice. The shell of lice eggs does not allow anything to penetrate to affect the unhatched nymph.

What is the Relationship between Peppermint oil and Tea Tree Oil for Lice?

There has been a misconception that a mixture of peppermint oil and tea tree oil for lice can effectively kill lice from your home. However, that is not the case. Due to the existing notion, many carrier oils have incorporated the mixture of peppermint oil and tea tree oil in their products to lubricate hair while eradicating lice from the head.

The only treatment that is 100 percent effective in eliminating lice is the removal of all live bugs and eggs from the hair. The secret to eliminating lice is the viscous carrier oil, not the scented oils. In addition, the combination of peppermint oil and tea tree oil may produce inflammation or other adverse responses to the scalp.

What Are the Precautions When Using Peppermint Oil for Lice Prevention?

Due to increased research on peppermint oil for lice prevention, there is a rising increase in the invention of sprays made up of peppermint oil. Therefore, be aware of any side effects such as inflammation or irritation if your spray is not properly produced. Peppermint oil is advisable for lice prevention and not killing the lice or the lice eggs. Therefore, you should contact your local lice clinic before using peppermint oil for proper treatment! Contact Lice Clinic Quad Cities today to receive an effective treatment to rid you of lice today.

Holiday Lights in Quad Cities

Post Holiday Head Lice Increase

Post Holiday Head Lice Increase

Holiday Lights in Quad Cities







The time from Thanksgiving to New Years is a busy time filled with shopping, gatherings, and more. After the holidays, everything else seems to begin catching up to us. This included illness and of course head lice. All of the holiday gatherings can be the perfect place for colds and head lice to spread. Why exactly does the post holiday season bring on an increase in head lice though?


Post Holiday Head Lice Infestations


During the holiday season we gather with friends and family. While this can be a fun and joyous time it can also be a breading ground for illness and head lice. The close contact and nonstop running can put a strain on your body and make you more susceptible. Head lice can easily crawl from host to host during packed gatherings and cause head lice infestations to spread. It can often be a few weeks before you begin to notice your head lice infestation. By this time the holiday season is over and the lice have been spread around. 


How to Treat Post Holiday Head Lice


If you find yourself or a loved one battling head lice after the holiday season our clinic can help. Our staff is made up of trained head lice professionals that can help you get lice free fast. From head lice checks to our premium head lice treatment we’ll have you back to normal in no time. Our treatments are fast, non-toxic and backed by our lice free guarantee. 


Stay lice free after the holiday rush with the lice experts at Lice Clinics Quad Cities

children wearing different halloween costumes and knocking on a door trick or treating

Tips for a Lice Free Halloween

Halloween can be a fun and exciting time, but head lice can easily ruin an exciting time. The fun and spookiness of Halloween can lead to the easy spread of head lice infestations. People gathering and kids playing close together are the perfect mix for head lice. We’ve put together some tips for you to have a lice free Halloween.


Tips for a Lice Free Halloween


Avoid Direct Contact


Direct head-to-head contact is the most common and easiest way for head lice to spread. Kids playing and running from house to house together can be the perfect breeding grounds for lice infestations. As kids play they bump heads and gather close together for photos. This allows lice to crawl from one host to the next. Remind your kids to keep a safe distance while having fun.


Be Aware of Costumes


Shopping for costumes can be one of the easiest places to pick up head lice. As families come in and try costumes on they can leave behind some of their crawly friends for the next unknowing person. Avoid trying on costumes at stores, especially masks, hats, and headpieces. You can wash costumes before wearing to be sure any possible lice are dead.


Perform Head Checks


Knowing the way head lice spread and that Halloween can be a peak season it’s important to keep an eye on your family. If your child has been playing close to others and partaking in direct contact activities it is best to perform head lice checks. During times of peak infestations checks should be performed weekly. If you think your family may have come in contact with lice, more frequent checks may be necessary. You can also have a professional check for lice at our local clinic. 


Get Treated


If you should find yourself or a family member with head lice it is best to get it treated right away. Taking care of your infestation can not only make your life better but prevent any additional spread to those around you. Our clinic offers the latest in head lice removal technology. We use no harsh chemicals and stand behind our treatment with a lice free guarantee. You’ll be back to all the spooky fun in no time.


Keep your Halloween fun and head lice free. Lice Clinics Quad Cities offers head lice checks, treatments, and advice to help keep your family lice free!

children sitting at desks facing teacher at the front of classroom

What to Do if There is a Lice Outbreak at Your School

School has been back in session for a while now and along with it head lice outbreaks. Head lice return to school just like your children every year and can wreak havoc on your children’s classroom. If there is a lice outbreak at your school, there is plenty you can do to prevent an infestation.

What to Do if There is a Lice Outbreak at Your School


School classrooms are the perfect breeding grounds for head lice. Children sitting and playing close together lead to easy infestations and spread. This can seem overwhelming for parents, but there is plenty you can do for your children. Head lice cannot jump or fly and spread mostly through direct contact. Remind your children to avoid touching head to head or shoulder to shoulder. Put their hair up or tied back to avoid it brushing against others. While playing on the playground your children can keep their hair up or in a hat to avoid direct contact. Remind them not to share items like hats, sweaters, scarves and other accessories that touch the head and shoulders. If your school does not offer head lice checks, be sure to check your child’s hair weekly. We offer head lice checks done by our trained professionals at our local lice clinic. 

What to Do if Your Child Gets Head Lice


If your child should find themselves with head lice, don’t panic. Remember head lice infestations can happen to anyone. It is very common and has nothing to do with personal hygiene. When you find head lice, it’s important to get it treated right away. This can help prevent the spread of head lice to other students or your family. Our clinic uses our Zyma Air Therapy treatment to removes lice in one guaranteed treatment. We use a special treatment of heat and oils to remove lice and nits. Our trained head lice technicians can help you with all your head lice needs.


Don’t let head lice ruin your family’s school year, let the head lice experts at Lice Clinics Quad Cities help you get lice free. 

family swimming on floaties in a swimming pool

Can Lice Spread in Swimming Pools?

Summer is in full swing and that means lots of family fun days in the pool. Gathering with friends and family to cool off from the summer heat can be just what is needed. But when head lice infestations begin to spread, is swimming worth the risk? Can lice spread in swimming pools?

Does Pool Chlorine Kill Lice


It might seem like a great idea to drown your lice in the chlorine treated water. The chemicals may seem like a great way to kill off the pesky bugs, but unfortunately it’s not enough. Head lice are hardy pests and the water and chlorine are not enough to kill them. Head lice can close their bodies for extended periods of time and survive the swim. The chlorine will have no effect on the nits and louse. 

Do Lice Spread in Swimming Pools?


Head lice may not be killed by the conditions of the swimming pool, but they are still alive. The good news is head lice will remain attached to their human host while in the water. This means lice will not be floating around in the water waiting to attach to a new host. In this sense head lice will not spread through the pool. However, head lice can still spread through direct contact. Swimming with lice itself will not cause a spread. Direct contact of heads or hair while in the pool can lead to a spread. This means spreading lice in the pool is extremely uncommon unless through direct contact.

Should you find yourself battling lice before a pool day let the experts at Lice Clinic Quad Cities help get you lice free!

two children swimming in a pool with floaties and goggles on a sunny summer day

Summer Head Lice Prevention Tips

Summer is here, and we can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the weather. Most assume head lice only spike during the school season, but the truth is head lice enjoy all times of year. Sports, summer camps, and weather make the summer a perfect time for head lice to thrive. We’ve put together a few summer head lice prevention tips to help you and your family stay lice free this summer. 

Summer Head Lice Prevention

– Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great time for children learn, grow, and bond. Unfortunately, it is also a great time for head lice to spread. Head lice don’t discriminate and can infest children, administrators, and counselors alike. One of the best ways to prevent lice from spreading through the camp is to stop it before it arrives. We suggest pre-camp lice checks and having a professional clinic on call for your camp. Talk to camp goers about the importance of head lice prevention and easy ways to prevent lice. 

– Sports

Summer sports are loads of fun and great for getting out that summer energy. Close contact to teammates and sharing gear can be a wonderland for head lice though. Avoid sharing any gear or equipment that comes in contact with the head, hair, or shoulders. If you have long hair, keep it up in a tight hairstyle. Avoid touching heads or close contact in huddles or in contact sports. 

– Sleep Overs

Sleepovers can be one of the most exciting parts of your child’s summer. Play dates, sleepovers, and cookouts are a part of the summer fun, but head lice shouldn’t be. Remind your children to keep away from close head-to-head contact. Put children’s hair in up-do styles to keep it away from others. Teach kids not to share accessories like hair brushes, hair accessories, hats, etc. that come in contact with hair often. Perform post lice checks if outbreaks are prominent. 

– Swimming

It has long been a myth that chlorine from pools will kill head lice. This is not the case. Chlorine is not a favorite of head lice, but it is something head lice can survive. They can also hold their breath underwater for long periods of time. Don’t take your kids to the pool if they have head lice, instead take them to get their head lice professionally treated. To prevent lice at the pool, keep hair up. Be sure to perform a careful comb out after your pool day to check for lice.

– Keeping Hair Up

We’ve mentioned it several times but keeping hair up and out of the way is one of the best methods for head lice prevention. The most common way head lice spread from host to host is by direct contact. Keeping hair out of the way and preventing direct head-to-head contact is the best way to prevent lice. Be aware of how close your head is to others and keep hair out of the way. Those with long hair can style their hair in buns, braids, and other tight up-dos. Short hair can be covered with a hat to keep lice away. 

– Head Checks and Combing

Getting regular head lice checks can help you stay ahead of a large head lice infestation. During large outbreaks in your area, it is best to check for head lice often. This can help you detect head lice early and catch an infestation before it spreads to the rest of your family. Performing frequent comb outs to check for lice can help your stop and prevent the further spread of lice. 


Summer head lice prevention can help you enjoy the summer weather all day long and avoid the woes of summer head lice. Lice Clinic Quad Cities is here to help with all your summer lice prevention and treatment needs.