Holiday Head Lice Headache

Holiday Head Lice Headache

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The holiday season is fast approaching, a joyful and fun time of year. Head lice can take that joyful time and turn it into a mess of a headache. We don’t want you to spend the holidays battling head lice and missing out on the fun. Our holiday head lice tips can help keep you and your family lice free.


Holiday Head Lice Gathering


Holiday gatherings are a staple of the season. Catching up with friends and family is what makes the season bright, but it can also be where head lice spread. Our number one prevention tip is avoiding head lice and not coming in contact with any. This doesn’t mean missing out on the holiday fun just taking a few extra steps. 


Holiday Hair


When styling your holiday looks, keep hair down it much easier to keep out of the way of head lice. Head lice can not fly or jump, they crawl from host to host. Keeping your hair up and out of the way prevents them from crawling from one head to another. Long hair is an easy target for lice when it is down. Hair that is kept up or even put in a hat is hard for head lice to sneak their way into.


Holiday Hugs


Hugs are part of the holiday warmth but are also perfect for spreading head lice. Like we said, head lice crawl from host to host. This means all of the holiday hugging and photo gathering can be perfect for head lice. Next time you are hugging someone or squeezing in for a picture be conscious of where your head is at. Try to avoid letting your head or hair touch others. 


Holiday Style


The holidays are known for fun outfits, warm hats, and cozy mittens. Sharing hats, gloves, and jackets may be common practice in winter, but it’s important to remember how head lice spread. Head lice can live for a short time on garments without a host. Meaning when someone with head lice shares with someone who doesn’t they can be spreading the lice around. Be aware and careful when sharing clothing, hats, and other hair accessories. 


The holidays shouldn’t be a head lice headache. The experts at Lice Clinics Quad Cities are here to help you get and stay lice free. Our experts offer head lice advice and state-of-the-art head lice treatments. Enjoy a lice free holiday with Lice Clinics Quad Cities.