head lice on a strand of human hair

Are There Different Species of Head Lice?

There are three different species of lice that can be found on the human body. Head lice that can be found above the shoulders. Body lice that can be found on chest hair, armpits, and clothing. Lastly crab lice that can be found in the pubic area. This and the recurrence of head lice can lead to the misconception that there is more than one species of head lice. 

Different Infestation, Not Different Species of Lice

Often people use over the counter or DIY treatments to treat their head lice infestation. These treatments don’t always complete the job and lead to re-infestation. This can lead many to think they are being infested by a new species of lice. When they never got rid of the head lice they had to begin with. Professional head lice removal, like the Zyma Air Therapy treatment can remove all lice and nits and guarantee removal. 

Head Lice is Head Lice

There are different kinds of lice, but there is only one kind of head lice. If you find lice on the rest of your body, it is most likely one of the other two kinds of lice. Our treatments are not made for body or crab lice, but there are plenty of ways to treat them. Some head lice are becoming increasingly resistant to the chemicals used in over-the-counter treatments. These ‘super lice’ are not a new species of lice. To combat this resistance, we use no harsh chemicals in our treatments. Only heated air to dehydrate and kill all head lice and nits including super lice. 

Don’t get confused by different kinds of lice and the presence of super lice. Instead, let Lice Clinic Quad Cities help you get rid of your head lice infestation with ease!