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The affected person (and potential family members) will be thoroughly screened to find even the smallest incidence of lice. This removes all guess work and provides you with a definite answer of whether or not you or your children have lice.


A trained lice-removal technician will give you a clear and accurate description of the extent of your lice infestation, so you know exactly what you are dealing with.


Depending on your personal needs and budget, we can provide multiple treatment options: Treatment with our exclusive, AirAllé FDA-cleared medical device, a professional comb-out procedure OR do it yourself.


At Lice Clinics of America Quad Cities, we understand most parents’ reluctance to use potentially dangerous chemicals in the treatment of head lice. Our Bettendorf, Iowa clinic provides effective solutions to a problem that has only grown in recent years, including the AirAllé treatment, a one-time process that eliminates those itchy, embarrassing pests from your child’s head once and for all.

Anyone can get lice, including parents. If you have ever tried other chemicals, shampoos, or treatments, you know that if even one or two nits are still present, it can begin the infestation all over again. Having head lice can disrupt your life, forcing you to cancel plans and change your priorities until the issue is resolved. Our process involves one short treatment and no chemicals, so in just one sitting your child can be rid of those aggravating pests that cause intense itching of the head, ears, and neck. This is truly a discreet service that is guaranteed to work, so give us a call today!


Recently, “super lice” has been a topic in the news as these mutant lice, which are not new but have spread across most of the states in the U.S., have become a problem that continues to grow.  What are super lice?  Essentially, they are head lice that have become resistant or “immune” to an active ingredient in many treatments designed to eliminate lice, permethrin.

Over the last couple of decades the lice that have become resistant to chemicals that were once effective have passed those traits on.  This means that today, there are more cases of super lice than ever before – and well-known products sold over-the-counter at popular retailers are no longer effective.  While some parents have resorted to applying Vaseline, mayonnaise, or other products to the head in an effort to “suffocate” super lice, there is no clinical evidence to show this approach is effective according to the Mayo Clinic.

What IS effective against super lice?  Thorough nit combing, combined with products containing natural ingredients lice find offensive but that are safe for use on your children and contain no pesticides.  Another option which has been proven extremely effective is the AirAlle treatment, which involves the use of directed, heated air to effectively “dry out” and kill head lice – even super lice.


(via Yelp) Ted and Janet are life savers! I was diagnosed with lice and tried 3 different chemical products (2 prescription products) to try to kill the lice and was still unsatisfied and unsure if the pests were gone. I even burned my head using one of the nasty chemicals! I was frustrated and had enough. I did a lot of searching on the internet to find a place in Iowa where I could get my head professionally looked at and my hair combed out. Ted was very friendly on the phone and made sure that I was a candidate for the treatment before I drove the hour and a half to get it done. The couple was extremely friendly and accommodating when I arrived. They made sure I was comfortable during the treatment and were very sweet and chatty during the process. They were even kind enough to give my boyfriend a complimentary head check! They were well informed about lice and had a lot of useful information to share. (Be careful putting your head close to others when you take a selfie!! This is one of the major ways teens and young adults spread lice.) Although it was not cheap to have done, the peace of mind knowing that the lice and eggs are gone is priceless. They offer a 30 day guarantee and even had products and professional lice combs available for purchase to help ensure you do not become infected again. I would recommend Lice Clinics of America Quad Cities to anyone in the unfortunate position of trying to rid themselves or family members of lice!

Taylor L.Coralville, IA

(via Facebook) Ted and Janet were amazing!! I called late at night and Janet answered, gave me some tips for overnight and saw the whole family first thing in the morning! Only 1 out of 4 had lice, was treated and such a huge relief for us!! Thank you Ted and Janet!! I hope we don’t have to see you again in the clinic, but if we do, we know where you are!!

Heather M.Bettendorf IA

(via Facebook) 5 stars! The service that Janet is providing for the families in the Quad Cities is nothing short of amazing! As a nurse in the schools I can tell you first hand how difficult it is to treat lice 100%! Janet has made this happen and guarantees her work 100%!!! Thank you Janet!

Jen J.Davenport, IA

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